INDEUS Interviews

Maider Aizpuru - BIELE GROUP

"We have been regulating language policy for 15 years and this has helped us a lot to manage languages properly"

Rikardo Bueno - BRTA

"If we offer a working environment in Basque, this will make the company more attractive"

Javier Príncipe, Ramon Mendiguren - CIKAUTXO

"Being used to managing the Basque language has been a great help when it comes to integrating other languages into the company's language policy"

Aner Garmendia - EGA MASTER

"Companies that offer the opportunity to use the Basque language will have a greater capacity to attract talent, and will therefore be more competitive"

Iñigo Arrieta - EIKA

"We have to make a commitment in the socio-economic field, we have to show that it is possible to work in Basque, to live in Basque"

Imanol Iparragirre - ELAY

"ELAY Bidea is our own model in which we have included our language, our culture, our values, our territory and our people"


"Showing that we continue to use our language can be one of the hallmarks of Basque industry"

Leire Colomo - AMPO

"We are an ecosystem and we need to focus on society. It is important that the Basque language is strong socially"