Unai Agirre - EGOIN

"The more languages we speak, the better for the company and also for society"

EGOIN is a company that was born more than 30 years ago in Natxitua (Bizkaia), a company dedicated to wood. Unai Agirre, executive director of the company, welcomed us at its headquarters to talk about the history of the company and the importance of the Basque language in its day-to-day business.

When it comes to reviewing the history of EGOIN, Unai Agirre tells us that here wood has always been seen as a second-rate material in the field of construction, but not in Europe or in the world: "Egoin has been able to see and learn what was being done in Europe, to bring those technologies here and to carve out a niche for itself in this small world. And it has also been able to give an impetus to the trend change."

Regarding the management of languages, the director of Egoin told us: "Many times people think that there is a struggle between languages and it is not a struggle, the more languages are spoken, the more value the company and society have. We have to be clear that Basque has enormous potential. It is very easy to talk to those from Austria or Germany because they come from the mountains, from tradition, they value the language very much and when they come here it is not only to see the beautiful landscape of Natxitua, for them to see a Basque company is a very important thing."