Nerea Ubillos - ZITU

"We feel more comfortable when we have the opportunity to speak, work and relate to each other in our own language"

ZITU is a company created 20 years ago in San Sebastian that offers its clients customized technological solutions and incorporates the Basque language in its products. The talk with Nekane Ubillos has given us the opportunity to get to know this company up close.

Nekane explains what areas their products are focused on: "On the one hand, those aimed at services, where we have developed our own ERP. We also focus our solutions on the social area and we could mention, for example, the SOGEST application aimed at gastronomic societies, currently installed in more than 200 associations, or AIORA our communication tool. And another area that has gained a lot of strength in recent years is Industry."

"In the last four or five years we have developed a product called ERIS and it is very focused, from its origin, towards the digitalization of machining workshops, where we take data from the machines in real time and thanks to ERIS, the ultimate goal is that these machining workshops increase their efficiency and productivity."

Basque is the predominant language in ZITU's day-to-day life: "In the end, when you have the opportunity to speak, work and interact in your language, we all feel more comfortable and with another value, at least not as a foreigner in your own home."