Josu Unamuno - ARITU

"Basque can be used as an element of integration"

The cooperative Aritu ingeniaritza presents itself as the technological partner of its customers to move towards industry 4.0. Founded in Aretxabaleta in 1994, we have talked about its activity and language management with the executive director of Aritu.

Josu Unamuno, executive director of Aritu, was the guest of Indeus interviews and explained how the cooperative started and evolved: "We started to automate CAD systems to transform them a bit and develop them and on that to introduce a knowledge-based concept in the systems that led us to design a tool like PLM."

Thus was born the PLM created by Aritu designed in free software: "We thought of doing something totally different, a PLM in free software and our goal was to bring this technology to medium and small companies. And that was the decision to develop the ELORA PLM."

Josu explained to us that Basque is the working language at Aritu, in fact, it is incorporated into the products they develop for companies. In addition, the executive director of Aritu believes that "Basque can be used as a tool for integration, to integrate this company into our environment, which has advantages, for example, when looking for people, when looking for personnel, when looking for suppliers, if you adapt to the language of the environment, to the native language or you are seen as a linguistic reference, then you will have better results, including economic ones."