INDEUS Interviews

Elisabeth Pombo - IAMETZA

"Utopia serves, at least, to walk the path"

Iraitz Perez de Goldarazena - OREKA IT

"For us it has been easier to build trust with customers from the Basque language"

Xaber Ozerinjauregi, Saioa Loizaga - BATZ

"To attract talent it is important to maintain the Basque language and the character of the company"

Josu Unamuno - ARITU

"Basque can be used as an element of integration"

Nerea Ubillos - ZITU

"We feel more comfortable when we have the opportunity to speak, work and relate to each other in our own language"

Mertxe Uzkudun, Pello Rodriguez - DANOBATGROUP

"Promoting the Basque language in the working world is a challenge we owe to future generations"

Unai Agirre - EGOIN

"The more languages we speak, the better for the company and also for society"

Nora Gurrutxaga – VICOMTECH

"Working in our own language is motivational and provides a sense of togetherness"

Koldo Kortabitarte - MAIER

"What we have to do is to at least use our resources in Basque, especially the small things, because with many small things you can achieve big things."

Ion Etxeberria - IKERLAN

"The commitment to the Basque language is not only emotional, it is also practical, something that gives value to the company"

Oihana Arrieta - GAIA KLUSTERRA

"As a sector we must make an effort to offer our products and services also in Basque"

Eneko Astigarraga - ESLE

"Basque language can add value to our companies both in terms of cohesion and identity"