Nora Gurrutxaga – VICOMTECH

"Working in our own language is motivational and provides a sense of togetherness"

Vicomtech is a Technology Center created more than two decades ago. Member of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation network, it specializes in research based on artificial intelligence and visual computing & interaction.

Nora Gurrutxaga, Director of Process and Legal Management of the Technology Center, is the guest at Indeus interviews. Nora told us about Vicomtech's commitment to society: "It is a firm commitment and I think that this can be seen in the environment, culture and language, in the efforts we make to promote the language, such as research projects. On the other hand, we work on the scientific-technological vocation of society and youth, both through theses and congresses, through scientific publications. And then we have a great commitment to transparency and the environment."

Vicomtech decided to provide the necessary resources to develop a technological tool that would contribute to the normalization and promotion of the Basque language, and from there was born, among others, the neural translator ITZULI, which performs an average of 200,000 translations per day.

Nora Gurrutxaga stated that "language being one of the factors of culture, giving the opportunity to work in your own language is motivational, positive, and we all like it. I also believe that it gives a sense of union".