Iraitz Perez de Goldarazena - OREKA IT

"For us it has been easier to build trust with customers from the Basque language"

Founded in 2009 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Oreka IT is an IT consultancy whose goal is to increase the competitiveness of companies through technology. Digital transformation and the use of the Basque language are the main topics of this interview.

From the hand of Iraitz Pérez de Goldarazena, CEO of Oreka IT, we have made a journey through the nearly 14 years of the company: "You have to find your identity, at the beginning you do not know who you want to work for, what you are really good at, what kind of projects are yours. We decided that our world was the industry, digital transformation, the more difficult the business processes the better, and we have been developing our personality in that sense."

When talking about digital transformation, Iraitz perceives that there is still a lack of awareness of the need for digitalization in many small and medium-sized companies: "It is still not clear that investing in digitalization will directly benefit the company's competitiveness.”

The CEO stressed that Basque has been part of Oreka IT's character from day one, an element that they have always seen as a value: "We don't sell anything that you can see or touch, we sell a service and the sale of services is based on trust. I have to go and someone has to believe that I am capable of doing there what I am saying. And there is a point of faith and there is a point of trust, for us it has always been much easier to generate that trust from the Basque language.”