Elisabeth Pombo - IAMETZA

"Utopia serves, at least, to walk the path"

This year's EUSKARABILDUA conference has given us the headline, but there have been many topics that we have discussed with Elisabet Pombo, head of Iametza Interactiboa in this Indeus interview.

Iametza Interaktiboa was established in 2008 as a meeting point between three companies: ARGIA, ANTZA and ADUR, in a combination of communication, design and technology.

Elisabeth Pombo took us through the history of the company since its creation and we discovered the meaning of its slogan "Bi punturen arteko lotura" (the union between two points): "The points are different in each case. In some it can be from a company to its customer, in others it can be the relationship between different collaborators. Despite having the same objective on many occasions, the path or type of route that each client chooses is different and we try to adapt to that path".

Speaking about the presence of Basque in the socioeconomic sphere, we bring up the obstacles that the language has to expand in the industrial sphere, especially: "In the socioeconomic sphere what counts are the results, the tangible things, and language is not tangible but it is an element that provides added value to achieve those results or those benefits in a better way. And this is what is often difficult to understand or transmit."

During the interview we also talked about Iametza's own projects, including the EUSKARABILDUA conference that they began organizing in 2012, with technology and the Basque language at its core. "Utopia exists has been the theme of this year's Euskarabildua and we believe that utopia serves to travel the road, at least to have a goal. Our illusion would be to achieve the launching of projects derived from the relationship that can occur in an EUSKARABILDUA, of sharing knowledge."