Eneko Astigarraga - ESLE

"Basque language can add value to our companies both in terms of cohesion and identity"

ESLE is the association of Free Technologies and Open Knowledge Companies of the Basque Country, founded in 2005. It currently has more than 30 companies.

Eneko Astigarraga is president of ESLE and manager of CodeSyntax. The companies that are in ESLE work with open source, "but it goes beyond software, it is an ecosystem: open data, open hardware, open knowledge, open technology in general. And that drives a little bit the desire to extend innovation, digitalization and software development to all companies, from agriculture to industry or advanced services.

In relation to the Basque language, Astigarraga affirms that "the Basque language can add value to our companies, both in cohesion and identity, there are some factors not only inside, but also outside and there are Basque companies that are promoting it. Basque Industry may be a slogan, but it responds to a reality".