Products in Basque language

The topics to be addressed in this working group are:

  • Related to the external linguistic landscape: how do companies manage the external landscape?

  • Identification of the tools (applications, erps, software, etc.) used by companies.

  • Identify the tools created/developed and/or translated into Basque (applications, vertices, software, etc.).

  • Related to internal work:

    • Digital environment: work programs, applications, software....

    • Dictionaries, model reports/documents (generated in labor relations in companies).

    • Communication image: for sales, for marketing.

    • Identify the work tools, written/oral that are used to work in Basque: minutes, mails, letters, etc.

  • To elaborate a list of companies that produce products for Basque companies and to carry out a diagnosis on the use of Basque with them.

  • To analyze the development of a specific subsidy program to promote the creation and development of products aimed at companies in Basque.

In addition, this working group will also analyze the role of each of the public institutions that participate in the initiative, as well as the participation of other entities, especially those that have relations with companies and that have aid programs aimed at companies.